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Living in between an airport and railroad tracks and having really bad thunder/tornado anxiety really sucks bc every sound sounds like a crazy thunderstorm

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Cinnamon rolls are actually really gross

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So my school just changed the dress code so instead of having to wear all solid colored stuff we can wear patterns and at first I was pissed bc we wanted sweatpants, running shorts etc but that was until I realized I could wear polka dots.

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The worst thing about Texas weather is that 90% of the time it doesn’t even rain, it’s just black clouds and thunder.

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I wish I was super rich so I could just hop in my helicopter and go to New York or somewhere when it got stormy

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Why do I have to have such bad thunderstorm anxiety? Why do thunderstorms have to happen? I hate all of this. I can’t stand having anxiety attacks daily like this. Especially when I’m home alone. I can’t stand it anymore. Medication doesn’t work, therapy doesn’t work. Nothing works. The only thing I can count on is sleep. When I fall asleep everything is fine, but until then it’s a never ending hell. I need sedatives or a soundproof room or something, anything.

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they found some snakes in a park in london. hi this is british media