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It’s night time somewhere


life goals:

financial stability
cute face
cute butt
a little scary

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How is thewinksofgod still single? Like, he’s literally perfect😍👌

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Rich ,white, douchebag outfit you mean?

1. You don’t have to be rich, plenty of vineyard vines, chubbies, etc. can be found on eBay.2. That was just racist.3. Have you ever actually met a guy that dresses like this? Because 99% of the time they are the chillest and nicest dudes you will ever meet.
Seriously don’t be hateful on my post because I will defeat any ridiculous argument you have.

First off the text on the picture is “The “you can beat my ass but my daddy will sue” look”  so
1: I know that I was making a joke based on what was said on the picture.
2: It’d be racist if I said white and douchebag or tried to spin it so it’s an insult to all white men, but to my knowledge not every white person is rich so.
3:Again was making a joke based on the text, I know that not every white guy who looks like is some rich snooty guy. 

If this is your response why you make a joke like that in the first place? I don’t think that sentence is in any way positive. 

First off, this wasn’t my joke. I screenshot some idiot on Twitter and the post on tumblr blew up before I could do anything. Next, there’s a huge difference between basically saying “I don’t hit back, I press charges” and calling total strangers douchebags. Lastly, I dress really preppy, and I will openly admit that my daddy will see you in court if you touch me. It is not an insult, it’s a fact.PS. Your insults were not about what you directly said, it’s what was implied and you know that. So don’t act like you can’t read between the lines now that someone called you out on being a jerk.



bruh. this probably my fav pic on the net.

Damn. Life goals.



how to be smooth as hell with your crush

im laughing so hard at the “oh. alright” 

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So this happened today…
Soul Mate


I think the day will come when I meet my soul mate. I believe it is an experience that will come in my life time. I’ll know by the way I feel after our first date. If she kissed me her taste would spread on me like poison ivy. The more I itched for it the deeper the love would…

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When I haven’t been on Tumblr all day I’m like: